Decisions & Orders

We are pleased to present to you version 2.0 of our Electronic Digest of Decisions. In response to our users, Version 2.0 is a hyperlinked document to the full orders, which may also be found on our website. Below is a downloadable and searchable .pdf document, which is more than 300 pages long.  This file contains the summaries of every decision issued by the EMRB since its inception.  You may search various words to find cases that might be relevant to a current case you have before the EMRB. For example, I recently drafted a paper analyzing the various discrimination cases decided by the Board. I was able to find the universe of cases by searching various terms such as “discrimination”, “race”, “religion”, “personal”, etc. Because the documents are searchable, this has eliminated the need for the Complainant/Petitioner index and the Respondent index, which previously existed under the paper-based product. Instead, you can search for the names of these entities directly. In this regard, please note that some of the names of entities may have changed over the years.

Please be sure to also read the ReadMe First file for more information. We hope you find the product useful.