Collective Bargaining Agreements

All employee organizations are required to annually file a copy of their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the EMRB. We are now posting them on our website. We have divided the CBAs into categories, such as School, Law Enforcement, Firefighters, General-Counties, General-Cities, and General-Special Districts. Each of these categories is further subdivided, usually by non-supervisory and supervisory. However, the school contracts have been divided by Teacher, Support Staff, Administrative and Other.  Please note that some CBAs cover more than one category. For example, a number of CBAs cover both non-supervisory and supervisory employees in the same document. So if you do not see a CBA for a supervisory bargaining unit, we encourage you to browse the combined CBA for the same jurisdiction. Within each category, the CBAs are listed by the name of the local government.