Message from the Commissioner

Welcome to the EMRB’s website. It’s hard to believe that our new website only went active one year ago (September 2014). Since then we have added many features to it.

The main new feature we have added since the opening of our website is the posting of every Board order assigned an item number since the agency first opened its doors in the late 1960’s. These orders are in numerical order and are in pdf format. I must admit that one drawback is that they are not searchable as the state’s website framework does not allow for this. But not all is lost. Our orders, in searchable format, are on Westlaw and Lexis for those who subscribe to either of those products. For those who do not, all order from number 400 to the present may be found on the Nevada Law Library on CD, which is a product offered by the Legislative Counsel Bureau. We are currently working on translating the older orders so that eventually all of our orders will also be on that product. 

We have also added a list of individuals who are willing to serve as mediators, arbitrators and factfinders. Though this list is especially for those needing a fact finding panel pursuant to our enabling statute, we welcome you to use this list for any of your alternate dispute resolution needs. 

We have recently updated our responses to frequently asked questions

But the website has so much more. It also contains a document detailing our current docket of cases, called our Open Case Log. Through this document you can see both the number of cases currently pending as well as the status of each case. Our agendas, meeting minutes and e-newsletters are also available for your review. 

Please take the time to take a stroll through our website. You will find many useful features. We welcome any comments you might have – from any corrections needing to be made to items you really like and to features you would like to see added. We continue to improve our website and our Board Secretary should be given much of the credit as almost every day she is adding something to or modifying something on the website.  

Again, welcome and happy surfing!