Public Records Request

Public Records Request Policy

Pursuant to NRS 239, all public records, unless declared by law to be confidential, must be open at all times during office hours for inspection by any person, and may be copied.  Public records requests may be made in writing by filling out the Public Records Request form or simply email us at for Public Records or call us at (702) 486-4505.  

If a record contains information deemed confidential, a request to inspect or copy the record cannot be denied if the confidential information can be redacted, deleted, concealed or separated from the record, so the remainder of the record can be inspected or copied.

Public records must be provided in any medium in which they are readily available.  A response letter acknowledging receipt of the request shall be provided by the fifth day following the receipt of the request, and will include an estimate of the time it will require to provide access or a copy, or a request to clarify or provide additional information of the documents requested.  The response may also include an estimate of the fee for the copy, if the estimated actual cost is more than $25, and may require the requestor to pay the fee for providing the copy, including, without limitation, postage for mailing the copy, if applicable, before the person receives the copy.